Apartments Available for Rent in Albuquerque

I am looking for apartments for rent right now, because I need to find a place to live. I just graduated from college, and a lot of my friends are moving back to their hometowns, but I am going to stay in the city where my college is located. So right now I am looking for apartments for rent in Albuquerque NM as that is where I went to school, and I would really like to stay in this area. It is a great place, and I really fell in love with it. I do not want to leave, even though my parents would prefer if I came back to my home town.We aren't that far away though, so I don't really know what the big fuss is. I am going to stay here, and look for a job with my degree. I think this is a better job market anyway. I really do believe that, and I have started to put in some applications Proceed Searching