I really wanted to live in a larger city where there are more jobs available. I had wanted to do that for about five years. At some point, I realized that I needed to stop just thinking about it, and instead, do something about it. I began researching different cities in my state and found where I wanted to be. Then, I began looking at apartments for rent in Henderson to see if they are something that I can afford. I found that i made more than enough money to afford a really nice, two bedroom in the area with no problem. I then set my sites on getting ready to move there.

I really liked the smaller town where I was living. But there are just not enough jobs there. Most people hang onto whatever job they get for decades because of it. I wanted to move up to be a manager for a good company, but that was proving to be impossible. So moving to a larger city where getting a job isn’t such a struggle seemed to be my only solution. I wanted to move up in the workplace, afford life more easily and to put away a lot of money for retirement. I watched my dad struggle with retirement before he passed away, and I knew that is not how I wanted to live my life. I wish that I would have made more money earlier on so that I could help dad. I knew that it was time to do something about it for myself.

I was able to easily get a new apartment because I have good credit and had been renting a place for many years. I just needed to make sure that I found a new place in Henderson that would allow a medium-sized dog, and that turned out to be easy enough. We moved in a couple of weeks ago, and my dog and I are pretty happy with the new digs!

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