I thought it would take me several weeks to find the right apartment for my wife and myself. We had been living in a small trailer to save money, but we were just not happy there. We were paying not only for the rent on the trailer, but lot rent as well. I knew that we would probably pay just a bit more if we looked at apartments in Alamo Heights, but I also knew that we would get a lot more too. We only needed a one bedroom apartment because we don’t have kids, but we did need one that allows dogs there.

We only have one dog, but he is like a child to us. We would never go to an apartment building that would make us give him up. It was nice to be able to find that so many in the area actually do allow pets. The pet policy at the apartment that we finally decided on was extremely fair and reasonable, so we put in our application for there. It did not take us long to hear back from them, and we were happy to see that we were going to be able to move in immediately.

The one bedroom unit that we got is really nice. We have a small patio since we are on the ground floor, which is nice so we can take our dog out there. There are also trails and a park that we can walk our dog on, so everything really is better here. We are paying just a bit more, but it is absolutely worth it. The amenities that we have found here are second to none, and we are happy. I did not think we could afford this, but we are thriving here, and our dog is too!

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